Celebrate World Emoji Day with 20 Cutest Insta Pups

July 17 marks World Emoji Day, and we are happy to celebrate it with 20 adorable Insta doggies that look exactly like Whatsapp emojis we use every day.

BTW, July 17 is also National Peach Ice Cream Day, so don’t forget to treat yourself to a refreshing dessert while reading the post.

Be careful, however. We heard there was a spy.

Sunglasses Never Looked that Cool


Who Wore the Cowboy Hat Better?


But a Magical Creature


You Don’t Know who Ate the Last Biscuit, Right?


Whatcha Starin’ at?


Ready for the Weekend


Me? Cutie Pie? Oh, Stop it, You!


Million-Treat Smile


A Vet Visit? Maybe we Can Use Vet Сhat Instead?


P.S. Yes, you can! Read more about Vet Сhat here.

I’m a Thief, and I’m Here to Steal Your Heart


What do You Mean, the Treats are Over?


I Have Absolutely no Idea Who Chewed Your Shoe


Are we Back to Copenhagen?


Not Nerdy, Claw-ver-looking


Is it National Peach Ice Cream Day Too?!


Staying Paw-sitive


Can I Have the Last Piece?


Are you Kitten Me?!


Hmm, looks like Petcube Bites 2!


Friday Paw-ty Mood on!


So, did you spot a spy?

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