Ultimate Quarantine Guide for Pet Parents

In times of crisis, access to useful and reliable information is crucial. Petcube prepared a guide for pet parents to help them navigate the quarantine with these small tips and solutions. We will be updating the list with new resources on a regular basis.

Read about COVID-19 in pets, get free online vet consultations, learn how to groom your pets at home, consider adopting a dog or cat from shelters or making a donation, prepare a pet supply emergency kit, and find out how to work from home with pets or entertain them indoors.

COVID-19 and Animals | Vet Help Online | Working from Home | Indoor Games | Grooming Pets at Home | Adopt or Foster | Donate | Pet Supply Emergency Kit

COVID-19 and Animals

Can my pet contract the novel coronavirus? Can I infect my dog if I have COVID-19? Find answers to these questions following the links below:

  • CDC FAQ on COVID-19 and Animals
  • COVID-19: Daily Life & Coping If You Have Animals
  • WHO Q&A on Coronaviruses
  • Overview of Coronavirus in Cats and Dogs

Symptom Checkers & Vet Help Online

Staying home keeps everyone safe. Consider consulting with a vet online if your pup caught a cold. You can also check the symptoms through a simple checker and learn more about emergencies when online consultations are not enough:

  • Online Vet Chat at Petcube
  • Online Symptom Checker
  • Pet Emergency Conditions

Working from Home with Pets

Being productive at home might be challenging. Check these guides to find a new work-life balance as a pet parent working from home.

  • Survival Guide for Cat Parents Who Work at Home
  • 7 Tips for Staying Productive at Your Home Office With a Pet
  • 5 Ways to Keep Your Dogs Entertained so You Can Work During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Indoor Games for Pets

Keep your pets entertained and active in quarantine with these indoor games and training tips.

  • 16 Ways to Play with and Exercise Your Dog Indoors
  • Fun Games and Advice for Exercising Your Cat
  • Indoor Games for Dogs and Owners Who Are Self-Isolating
  • Helping Your Dog Survive During a Quarantine Tips
  • 7 Simple Indoor Games to Play with Your Cat

Grooming Pets at Home

Many of the grooming salons are currently not available. Well, your dog’s hair doesn’t know about that. Learn how to take care of your pet at home with these cat and dog grooming guides.

  • Dog Grooming at Home: The Dos and Don’ts of Proper Hygiene
  • ASPCA Cat Grooming Tips
  • The Ultimate Guide to Dog Cleaning and Grooming
  • Dog Care: Everything You Need to Know About Dog Grooming

Adopt or Foster a Pet

Due to the pandemic, shelters are facing more challenges than ever. Consider adopting or fostering a pet if you have enough resources. Quarantine is a great time to build a bond with new pets, teach them some essential commands and do a housebreaking training.

  • Find a Dog or Cat for Adoption at AdoptAPet.com
  • Adopt a Pet at ASPCA
  • Foster Cats and Kittens
  • Find an Animal Shelter or Rescue Group at the Humane Society

Not everyone can afford to adopt or foster a pet. However, it is still possible to support some great initiatives helping animals survive through these hard times.

  • Donate to Muddy Paws Rescue to Change the Lives of Homeless Pets in NYC
  • Donate to the ASPCA Emergency Relief and Recovery Fund, Helping Animals During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Donate to COVID-19 Relief Fund to Help Animals in Need
  • Shop Basepaws’ CatKit — They Will be donating $5 from Every Sale to AdoptAPet.com

Prepare a Pet Supply Emergency Kit

To be on a safe side, prepare for a situation that might happen if all members of your household become too ill to take care of your pets or will have to go to a hospital to seek medical treatment. Make sure your pets have enough supplies with these tips on pet essentials.

  • Dogs and Cats Essentials from Chewy
  • COVID-19 Pet Plan
  • Pet Disaster Preparedness Guide

We hope these guides and tips will help our readers through times of uncertainty.

Meanwhile, cheer yourself up with the best moments of working from home with pets.

Olga Boiko and her cat Siri

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