15 Squeal-with-Delight, Spooktacular Dog Halloween Costumes

This Halloween take things to the next spirit-level with these 15 spooktacular dog Halloween costumes. From the super-simple but genius, to the crafty but clever, check out these canine costumes that will have you coffin with delight.

1. Spooky-Doo

Source: Pinterest

All you need is make-up, cardboard, and paint …oh, and a Great Dane…to turn your hound into an instantly recognizable screen hero for Halloween and some Scooby doom on fright night!

2. Ghost Dogs

Source: Tumblr

Q: Why are ghosts so happy to ride in an elevator?
A: It raises their spirits.

3. Bone-appetit!

Source: Pinterest

This dog Halloween costume will send other pups howlin for Howl-o-ween. This dog is sure going to enjoy a treat for looking so spooky. Bone appetite!

4. Little Red Riding Hound

Source: Pinterest

Of course Halloween is a time for the whole family to dress up and enjoy scaring the pants off the neighbors. Have your pooch join in the pranks with this Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma duo, for a creepy canine take on a classic nursery rhyme.

5. Be-witching Wiener

Source: Instagram

The long and short of it is that dog Halloween costumes don’t have to be scary. This sausage dog looks bewitching and casts a spell on us with their take on a classic Halloween theme of witchcraft. We love this Hallow-weenie!

6. L’il Pumpkin

Source: Pinterest

Talk about cute, take a look at this pooch in a pumpkin. Maybe not the most practical of costumes, but it makes for a greet photo op-paw-tunity for the dog that wants to take part in Halloween but pre-furs to stay home.

7. Frankenstein’s Hound

Source: Pinterest

Raise eyebrows with this easy dog Halloween costume requiring nothing more than eyebrow pencil. Speaking of which, why are all mummies workaholics? Because they’re afraid to unwind. Boom!

8. A Pug-tastic Vampire

Source: Pinterest

For pug’s sake, don’t scare the kids with abso-pugging-lutely fur-bulous vampire costume. Oh, and while we’re on the subject: Which newspaper is the favorite of vampires? The New York Times…because it has such great circulation.

9. Bat-Dog

Source: Instagram

Bullie for Batman with this bulldog in a frightful mood.
What’s the difference between Batman and a robber? Batman can go into a store without Robin!

10. Chew-Barker

Source: Pinterest

OK, this isn’t strictly speaking a dog Halloween costume, but it is a dog dressed up for Halloween…and totally paw-some, so who cares!

11. Hairy-spider Hound

Source: Etsy

If spiders make you shudder, check out this tiny tarantula…if you dare. A furry four-legger that becomes a hairy eight-legger is truly a frightful sight.

12. Pug-a-chino

Source: Instagram

Did you order a pug-kin spice latte?
Don’t get steamed up over creating your dog Halloween costumes, sit with a coffee and inspiration will strike.

13. Pumpkin Lantern Pooch

Source: Pinterest

Sugar and spice and all things nice, with this pooch pumpkin perfection.
Which makes us wonder, where do jack-o-lanterns live?
In the seedy part of town!

14. A Batty Idea

Source: DIY Network

You’d bat-ter believe your eyes with this paw-some bat costume.
And in case you’re wondering, what’s the first thing bats learn at school?
The answer is the alpha-bat!

15. Trump This!

Source: Instagram

Last but not least, this dog Halloween costume proves that scary things don’t just come out at night!
Trump this if you can!

Raven the German Shepherd is caught on a Petcube pet camera getting ready for the spookiest pawty while his dad is away.

We’d love to see your pet pooches dog Halloween costumes. Post a picture and share the scare!

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