10 Best Game Apps for Cats

Cats have already taken over our hearts. But what if they take over our smartphones and tablets, too? We came up with 10 fun ideas on how to entertain your fluffy friends (and yourself as well!) using some games for cats on your gadgets.

Playing with cats has plenty of benefits for your pet’s physical and mental health. First of all, it helps reduce their anxiety, especially when you’re away for hours during the day. Also, cat games engage their natural curiosity and playful instinct. And don’t forget to reward your cat for winning!

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1. Friskies CatFishing 2 — Free for iOS or Android

A classic fish app for cats. Challenge your pet to catch fish as many times as it can! This game has three levels with one, two and three fish at a time.

2. Friskies JitterBug — Free for iOS or Android

In case your cat got tired of fish, here come bugs! The idea is the same as in Cat Fishing 2. All your pet needs to do is to catch bugs during five 15-second rounds. You can share the score on your Facebook and compete with other cat owners!

3. Petcube App — Free for iOS or Android

The Petcube app lets you play with your cat while you’re not there using the Petcube Play 2 pet camera with a built-in laser toy. The laser will move around the room while you’re dragging your finger across the smartphone screen from anywhere you are. You can see how your pet is trying to catch the dot from your phone as well!

If you don’t have a Petcube camera, you still can use the app to play with other pets! Just search for the public and shared cameras in your feed.

4. Paint For Cats — $1.99 For iOS

Who knows, maybe your cat is the future Pollock? Find out about your pet’s hidden talent using the Paint For Cats app on your iPad! Choose one of ten color palettes and the masterpiece will be created while your cat is chasing the digital mouse. When it’s done, you can email the painting to your friends (or Louvre) and share it on your Facebook page.

5. Cat Alone – Cat Toy — $0.99 for iOS or Android

A beautifully designed cat app for your smartphone or tablet. There are 6 options to play around with — laser pointer, ladybug, finger, fly, butterfly, and cockroach. Each of them is accompanied by a typical sound.

6. Pocket Pond 2 — Free for iOS or Android

This is not just another fish app for cats. First of all, it’s insanely realistic and beautiful! Thousands of different exotic kinds of koi are swimming across your tablet or phone like in a real pond. With Pocket Pond 2 you can raise, breed, sell fish and decorate your own pond. And your cat will definitely be excited to play with it, too!

7. Cat Toys I: Games for Cats — $0.99 for iOS or Android

This cat app will definitely catch your cat’s attention with 6 fun games: Ladybug Smasher, Laser Pointer, Fly Smasher, Butterfly Smasher, Chase the Mouse, and CatFishing.

8. Cat Playground — $1.99 for Android

Train your cat to catch a mouse, a fish or a laser pointer. The more it catches, the more points it earns.

9. Mouse — Free for Android

Your kitty will have some fun catching a mouse that runs across your tablet or smartphone screen and eats cheese. An easy and funny cat game app!

10. Cat Clicker Training — Free for iOS

A perfect app for clicker training cats for your iPhone or iPad! When your pet touches the paw on the screen, your device produces the click sound. You can choose between different colors of paws and background.

Useful tips on how to play with your cat

Tablets are better than phones for playing with cats

With the larger screen, your cat will be more engaged and responsive. It will be easier for the pet to move the paws across the device and catch mouse, fish, bug or dot.

Be patient

It’s okay if your cat is not engaged with the game app right away. You should try again later. Don’t forget to show your pet how to play the game. She might engage with it as soon as get an idea of the game.

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