Petcube Parents Love Their Pets More

Valentine’s Day isn’t only about your human relationships. The love you share with your pets is special, and there is no better time to show that love than V-Day. Once again, we asked Petcube pet parents to tell us how they mark February 14 with their furkids, and found some dear results.

If you have a pet, you already have the best Valentine around. More than half of pet parents confirmed they will celebrate V-Day with their furkids. While Valentine Days come and go, your dog or cat showers you with affection 365 days a year. No wonder 65% of pet parents have prioritized their pets over a romantic partner.

No matter what kind of difficulty pet parents are going through, their furkids are always there to support. With a few exceptions, pretty much every pet parent told us they have received comfort from their bestie while 72% confessed they confided in their pets.

Pet’s love is unconditional, and pet parents try their best to give back. While your pooch or kitty will be just as happy with cuddles and kisses, pet parents pamper their besties with gifts on Valentine’s Day. 73% of pet moms and dads will manifest their affection to their furry companions with special treats while 59% will get them fun toys and 13% will spoil their furkids with new outfits and accessories. There’s also 6% who think their beloved furkids deserve a new tech gadget this V-Day.

Besides showering their furkids with gifts, pet parents will take their four-legged companions out for date night. While 37% are planning a romantic meal for their pets, 48% will put their paws up and relax.

From homemade heart-shaped treats and wet cakes to belly rubs and puppy play dates, pet parents go far and beyond to make this day truly special for their furkids. We asked Petcube pet parents to share the sweetest things they’ve done for their pets on V-day, and some of the answers made us jealous. Who wouldn’t admire an ice cream sundae, long walk, or have a song composed for them? Some even made a giant ball of spaghetti and meatballs for their furry pet couple so they can reenact the romantic scene from Lady and the Tramp!

Of course, you can’t buy love, yet according to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend an estimated $19.6 billion for Valentine’s Day in 2018, with $751 million going to pets. Pet parents are ready to spend on average between $58 and $83 on their romantic partner and up to $40 on their furry friends, with dog owners being the most generous.

Our Petcube owners also voted for their favorite celebrity pet moms and dads. Among the top favorite moms are actress Emma Watson and singer Taylor Swift who are both proud cat ladies.

Actors Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling have topped the Petcube’s community pet dad list. The Deadpool star is known to be a devoted dad to his rescue pup Baxter while Blade Runner Ryan Gosling will melt your heart with his touching tribute to his departed dog George – ever since George passed away over a year ago, Ryan has been wearing his tags on a necklace around his neck. What a hooman!

Being a pet parent is both challenging and rewarding. Our furry trouble makers often give us worries keeping us busy. 13% of pet parents admitted their pets ate something they weren’t supposed to on Valentine’s Day while 27% of pet moms and dads got their pets insured.

We can’t live without our pets. They bring out the best in us.

Happy Pawlentine’s Day!

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