23 Hilariously Awful Dog Haircuts You Have To See

Bad haircuts, we’ve all had them. For everyone who’s ever regretted the rattail or faux-hawk of their youth, chin up! These cute canines will you do one better. From whimsy and disguise to experiments with gravity, these groomers aim high…and the results are definitely memorable.

Stop Googling – Ask a Real Vet

1. “I dunno, do you think my foundation’s too dark…?”

2. “Bow before your warrior king!”

3. The Lion King made a really big impression on him.

4. From Brigham Young to Uncle Sam to this guy’s dog. The petite goatee’s legacy continues.

5. “I love my Steve, really, but sometimes I feel like he wants me to be something I’m not.”

6. Long or short, long or short…eh what the heck, let’s just get it half and half!

7. “Yeah no, it’s great. I reeaaally like it.”

8. Because the 1980’s was such a great decade for hair.

9. “Sometimes I think about cleaning up the dog house, but then I’m like, meh… ”


11. It takes a certain kind of face to pull off bangs, and golden retrievers just don’t have it.

12. Does anybody else secretly wish they could rock this…?

13. ‘Majestic’ does not even come close to doing this dog justice.

14. That boy you had a crush on in the seventh grade, reincarnated as a dog.

15. Cute or terrifying? It’s a hard call.

16. When giving your dog a haircut, always make sure you have enough time to finish the job.

17. Sweet, thanks for the throw pillow! Wait, not a throw pillow…

18. Ok, this haircut is definitely questionable, but he’s so cute it doesn’t even matter.

19. “Hey bra, how’s it goin’?”

20. “I am a QUEEN and all of you common mongrels wish your fur looked even half as good as mine!”

21. Ok, so this isn’t really a haircut or a dog, but these pictures deserve to be seen.

22. Some kid asked for a camel for Christmas and got this poodle instead.

23. Is it normal to feel jealous of a dog’s hair…?

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