12 Dogs Who are Just as Into Wonder Woman as us

Wonder Woman is taking the world by storm, but it isn’t just the human ladies catching the girl power. These dogs are tapping their inner Amazon and showing off their Wonder Woman costumes to support the latest lady heroine of Hollywood. Strap on your paw cuffs, pull your crown over your ears, and get ready to join this pack of Wonder Woofers.

1. This Wonder Woof is actually foxy

(photo by @chanel_thespitz)

2. Save the world and never chip a nail

(photo by @scout.ella)

3. Being a hero is serious business

(photo by @loulouholtz)

4. “My breed is ‘Amazon'”

(photo by @jeffer126)

5.”I will bark for those who cannot bark for themselves”

(photo by @catnoir4)

6.”Are there many dog parks in Themyscira?”

(photo by @avatheboxer)

7.A magical crown can barely handle all that floof

(photo by @mmiriamm73)

8.”I am Dogana, Princess of Pups!”

(photo by @harlowe_quinn)

9.”Look how tall I am! I’m an Amazon!”

(photo by @odieandsandy)

10.”Am I wearing this crown right?”

(photo by @mandikd1)

11.Girl (dog) power!

(photo by ritamillers)

12.”It’s not a leash, it’s my magic lasso!”

(photo by @the_story_of_sage)

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