10 Dogs Addicted to Starbucks Puppuccinos

Did you know that if you go to Starbucks with your dog and ask for a “puppuccino” they’ll give your pooch their own tiny cup of whipped cream so they can get their sugar fix while you get your caffeine fix? It looks like doggos are getting just as excited about Starbucks as their parents, and these dogs are totally digging into the foam. Here are the most Starbucks-addicted pups on Instagram.

At least when he spills cream on himself, it won’t show

photo by @mochiandduke

Unfortunately they can’t spell dog names any better than they do people names

photo by @mylo_vonclouse

Whoa! Was that a double shot?

photo by @hellosharayah

Must get every last drop!

photo by @lexylou75

Whoa, I think it’s kicking in

photo by @_blackfisk

Umm…you’ve got a little something on your face

photo by @brimariemiske

A stumpy cup to go with stumpy legs

photo by @waldens_corgi_life

One double frap corgi cutie latte please

photo by @a_corgi_named_waffles

Sometimes you have to just close your eyes and savor the flavor

photo by @paisleywithatail

No cream mustaches for this guy

photo by @duke.the.english.bulldog

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