DIY Cat Puzzle Box

Your cat already loves boxes, so you know they’ll love this kitty DIY that takes the classic box and makes it even better.

This cat puzzle box is the perfect way to keep your pet not only physically stimulated but also mentally stimulated as well. It taps their natural hunting instinct and gets them in touch with their wild ancestors.

The supplies for this DIY are simple, and you probably already have them in your home right now. You’ll need a box like a shipping box or shoebox, MANY toilet paper or paper towel tubes, scissors, and a hot glue gun.

Start with a shallow box. It should be no deeper than the length of your cat’s paw so that they can easily reach in. If your box has lit, remove it.

You’ll need quite a few paper tubes for this craft, depending on the size of your box. Cut your tubes into approximately 2-inch pieces (again, depending on the depth of your box.)

Use hot glue to line the bottom of each tube and then place it into the bottom of the box. Continue this until you finish with all the tubes.

Finally, finish it off by filling some of the tubes with treats, cat toys, and catnip to force your pet to paw them out.

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