DIY Cat Toy Puff

Who says you need to hit up the pet store to entertain your cat? You can make a cat toy with a few simple supplies that most people have around the house.

This puff ball is a perfect tiny toy for young kittens to bat around. Leave it in a container of catnip for a few days to make it even more enticing. Here’s how it’s made.

The supplies for DIY are incredibly simple, it requires a piece of cardboard, scissors, and some yarn.

Start by tracing or freehand drawing two circles on the piece of cardboard, then cut each of the circles out.

In each of the circles, cut a slit and a tiny hole in the middle. It should look like a donut with a slice in it. Lay the two on top of one another, so they match up.

Next, you’re going to wrap the cardboard double donut with yarn. The amount of yarn you use will determine how puffy your puff is, so use more yarn if you’d like a more filled-out puff.

When your cardboard donut is adequately wrapped in yarn, slide your scissors between the two cardboard circles and begin cutting the yarn around the edge.

The final step brings your puff together. Cut a length of yarn, if you’d like to be able to drag the yarn for your cat, make this string longer. Slide this length of yarn between the two cardboard circles and tie it tightly. Once it’s all secured, slide the puff out the slit, and your puff toy is complete.

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