10 Comics Showing How Pets Make Our Lives Better

It’s National Pet Day! A day to celebrate your beloved animal companion. They are a source of entertainment, friendship, and an endless source of unconditional love. We love our pets every day, but today, we can shower some extra love on our furry friends.

Where would we be without our pets? Sometimes, we don’t realize how much benefit they bring into our lives. These 10 comics illustrate how pets make our lives better.

1. They are perfect time keepers.

2. They have healing powers.

3. They keep things under control for us.

4. They help us prioritize.

5. They make sure we are safe.

6. They are inspiration.

7. They are gentle beasts.

8. They make sure we never forget our most important things.

9. They’ve got our backs.

10. They watch out for things we don’t.

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