10 Best Movie Cats

Although they may not be known for their acting skills or the ability to do anything on queue, cats have still managed to weasel their way into some fantastic and classic movie roles. We’re counting down ten of our favorite movie felines, but we need your help! Shout out who we missed in the comments.

Jonesy, Alien

Oh the things this cat has seen and places he’s gone. From his journey into space to his 57-year hyper sleep, this kitty is a brave intergalactic traveler who manages to dodge the clutches of the dreaded alien.

Cat, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Audrey Hepburn called throwing this ginger tabby out from a cab window the most difficult thing she’d done in her acting career. This iconic role was technically played by two ginger tabbies.

Orion, Men In Black

Sometimes the biggest things can be hiding in the tiniest places. In the case of this kitty, a whole universe is hiding right on his collar bell, squirreled away from the clutches of an evil alien race.

Mr.Bigglesworth, Austin Powers

Inspired by famous Bond Villain Bofeld, Mr.Bigglesworth is a hairless kitty that sits in the lap of Dr.Evil. This sphinx cat’s backstory involves him originally having long hair but losing it all due to cryogenic freezing.

Milo, Milo and Otis

This ginger cat is the loyal companion of tiny pug Otis and the two grow up and get into shenanigans on a bucolic farm before being swept away on a wild adventure.

Binx, Hocus Pocus

Technically a boy, and not REALLY a cat, Binx is the reincarnation of young colonist Thackery Binx. Thackery is turned into a black cat by a trio of witches when he tries to rescue his kidnapped sister.

Sassy, The Incredible Journey

It’s tough for a Kitty to take a bath, let alone a dip in a cold forest lake, but that’s jusr what Sassy the cat does on her great adventure home with her pals Chance and

Mrs.Norris, Harry Potter

When Mrs.Norris is around, you know you’re in trouble, because it means the notoriously nosy caretaker Argus Filch is close behind. This denizen of Hogwarts Castle patrols the castle hall and makes sure students are where they’re supposed to be.

Mr.Jinks, Meet the Parents

Sorry, spray painting a random stray just won’t cut it when it comes to replacing this beloved feline. This comedic cat causes family strife when he goes missing and the lead character frantically tries to replace him.

Church, Pet Sematary

They say cats have nine lives, but this movie sure doesn’t make it look pretty. After being buried in an Indian burial ground this spooky kitty comes back for a second round.

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