Bad Dogs Caught in the Act on Hidden Camera

We all want to believe our dogs are little angels, but the fact of the matter is sometimes their wild side gets the best of them, and they are just beasts. But what happens when we capture all this craziness on a hidden camera? Here’s what happened when 7 people hid a doggy cam and caught what their pets were REALLY up to.

Ever wondered why it looks like there was an epic pillow fight on your couch?

Or how those mysterious paw print stains got on the cushions when your dog SWEARS he never gets up there

Your dog just wants to help fold laundry…if by folding, you mean rolling in it all over the living room floor

Does it ever seem like your Houdini dog can escape any confinement? This owner caught the escapee red-handed!

It can be boring in the kennel all day, who can blame a pup for gnawing on the bars of his prison…er…kennel

Hmm, how did all those scratch marks get on the door? Maybe it’s your dog practicing his jumping jacks when you leave

What happens when your dog thinks he’s a better decorator than you?

Want to catch what your dog is up to when you’re not looking? You don’t have to be a private eye to find out. Petcube Play 2 camera is an easy way to spy on your pet, plus it lets you correct them via the two way audio when you see they’re up to no good. What’s your pet secretly doing?

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