10 Comics Every Dog Owner Will Understand

If cats communicate through meows and hisses, dogs bark and use body language to interact with people and other pets. For example, if a dog’s ears are raised, it means it’s listening — if its ears are at the back, it’s signalling submission. Understanding dogs can be challenging for a first-timer. Experienced dog owners, on the other hand, know the canine language. Here are 10 comics that only dog lovers can relate to.

1. What my dog does every day.

Comic by Gemma Correll

2. I choose my friends well.

Comic by Becky Barnicoat

3. I always think of my pet at work.

Comic by Becky Barnicoat

4. I talk to dogs.

Comic by Adam Ellis

5. Oh if only dogs could talk.

6. I talk ONLY to dogs. Period.

Comic by Maritsa Patrinos

7. Must not move.

Comic by Loryn Brantzs

8. This is unfortunately true.

Comic by Sad Animal Facts

9. I forgot to mention Pokemons.

10. I know which dog breed is right for me.

Comic by Dami Lee

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