10 Comics Every Cat Owner Will Understand

It takes a special skill to understand the feline language. To “crack the code,” you need some experience. It’s not rocket science, though. Just some good old-fashioned tender loving care will make you a cat person in no time. Because frankly there are some things that only cat owners will understand. Here are 10 comics that every cat lover can relate to.

1. What a normal day looks like

Comic by WafflesCat

2. Making friends with cats is more important than hanging out with people

Comic by @gemmacorrell

3. Ehem… Excuse me. Was I interrupting something?

Comic by @roodgras

4. From cuteness to frustration

Comic by @hannahhillam

5. Cats are great yoga partners. Not!

Comic by @witrishnartistiari

6. That feeling when your pet keeps staring into thin air. Creepy

Comic by @beebooties

7. The secret to a perfect shot — patience, lots of patience

8. What I usually think when my cat stares at me

Comic by @davidolenick

9. You’ll never know what your cat will do next

Comic by @catsuthecat

10. Some signs that your cat is your boss

Comic by @catsuthecat

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