12 Olympic Pets Who Bagged the Gold

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro is almost over. Gold medals have been won, and athletes like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt have broken records. But did you know that the animal kingdom has its own Summer Olympics too? It’s called Animalympics. And, like Rio 2016, it showcases different sporting events. Here are 12 amazing pet-letes who bagged the gold.

1. Equestrian

Although the Russian doping scandal has been getting all the headlines, few people are aware of the equestrian scandal when it was discovered that one competitor was a dog and not a miniature pony.

2. Parallel Bars

Their coach was having trouble getting the cat-letes to nail their parallel bar routine until she put a pool of water under them and a can of tuna on the other side.

3. Rhythmic Gymnastics

Nadia breaks another world record by executing a double roll with a ribbon. She has received 50 gold medals so far. And she just turned 2. Uhm-mazing!

4. Volleyball

Bruiser will undoubtedly bump, set, and spike his way to a gold medal. Unless a squirrel runs by or someone in the front row has peanut butter.

5. Boxing

And in this corner, weighing in at 1lb 2oz, the fluff with the tuff, the puss with the punch, it’s Princess Tuna.

6. Trampoline

Boozer the Rotty won the gold medal by going around in circles non-stop. Just pure hard work, dedication, and lots of headache.

7. Swimming

Have you guys seen the sewage water in Rio? Shorty the corgi has decided he’s just going to swim on land instead.

8. Weight Lifting

Despite years of low cal cat foot and daily activity, Morris simply couldn’t lose the weight, so he downgraded his life goals from being an Olympic weight lifter to just being a weight.

9. Soccer

Felix, a three-time Goalie of the Year, stops a penalty kick with his mighty paws.

10. Cycling

Despite the slow start, Izzy finished first. There were no other contestants in the race.

11. Diving

Watch Gringo land a perfect dive in the green pool.

12. Wrestling

Of course, the Animalympics would be incomplete without wrestling. This cat clearly knows how to execute a perfect neck lock.

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