10 Struggles Of Doing Yoga Around Your Pet

It’s hard to feel the zen of your downward-facing dog pose with an actual dog trying adorably to squeeze on your mat. There’s just something about the stillness of yoga that draws pets like a moth to a flame. For pet owners, no home yoga session is complete without a tail in the face as you struggle through a vinyasa.

If you’ve ever rolled out the mat in the living room and tried to do a little DIY yoga with an animal loose in the house, then you know these struggles. Na-meow-ste!

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First, pets make sure the mat is well seasoned with a layer of hair that will end up in your mouth every time you do child’s pose.

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Sorry, but your cat is simply not impressed with that crow pose that took you a year to nail.

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Have you ever noticed how much cats love yoga mats?

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Dogs keep trying to turn bow pose into “bow wow” pose.

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Your dog may have learned “stay” – but did he learn “nama-stay”?

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Oh, you haven’t heard of the cat chakra?

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Certain poses leave you extremely vulnerable to sloppy dog kisses, plus all that salty sweat makes you taste delicious.

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The only thing more fun for your cat than weaving its way through your legs is weaving its way through your legs AND arms.

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Great, now you’re just going to have to hold that pose forever. The cat has decided it’s its new cat tree.

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Having trouble sticking that post? Just brace yourself against a sturdy dog. They’re better than yoga blocks, and way cuter.

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